Letter From the Chapter

Welcome to Sigma Kappa, Kappa Upsilon!

I hope that this glimpse into our sisterhood has showcased many of the amazing aspects of being a Sigma Kappa. However, this website is not all-encompassing. This website cannot tell you what it feels like to be walking to a final with sweaty palms and to turn the corner and be embraced in a hug by another sister. This website cannot tell you the passion in the conversations between sisters after watching last night's episode of your favorite TV drama. This website doesn't exemplify the gratitude a sister running for Student Government feels when other sisters help her write her name in chalk all over campus. This website doesn't recreate the warmth of heart-to-hearts in cars, or late-night fast food runs. It doesn't let you hear the supporting screams of women watching their sisters perform in Airband and Dance competitions, or the chanting after winning Homecoming and Greek Week. It doesn't live up to the amount of pride you feel when you accept national awards on behalf of your chapter, because you truly know that your sisters Live With Heart.


Sigma Kappa is so much more than words or pictures. It is more than our website and social media. Sigma Kappa is, at the end of the day, a feeling. This is why we are Sigma Kappas and I truly hope that this feeling is something that, in one way or another, everyone has the opportunity to experience in their lives.


Love in Sigma Kappa,

Diana Lois

2020 President


The link to our newest Recruitment Video: https://youtu.be/UbVFqhmvd7Y