Parent FAQ

I'm weary about Greek life.

Media representations of fraternal organizations are highly dramatized, and incidents involving specific chapters are never condoned by any national organization. It is also important to keep in mind the campus climate of the school. The College of New Jersey is a very well esteemed school, and you are likely extremely proud of your daughter's acceptance into such an academic and inclusive community!

Sigma Kappa expects that all members will follow Sigma Kappa policy, college/university policy, and all local, state and federal laws. The Sorority expects her members will make informed, reasonable, and responsible choices regarding herself, her sisters, her campus and the national organizations safe. Sigma Kappa has a number of policies designed to reduce the potential for harm to our members and to address situations where issues have occurred. Sigma Kappa requires regular education for the members on these policies. Collegiate Chapters and members are expected to self-govern behavior when it does not align with our values. Our risk management policies help to inform the use of a standards council process to address situations where issues have occurred.


How will being a Sigma Kappa affect my daughter's academics?

Scholarship is extremely important to Sigma Kappa, and we encourage academic excellence from all of our members. Our Spring 2020 average GPA was a 3.811, which is the highest average out of all fraternities and sororities. Women must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 to join Sigma Kappa, and sisters must maintain a 2.5 to be in good standing with the sorority. We are students first, and make sure that our members understand that-- from the moment they accept their bids, to the moment they are handed diplomas! 


Will my daughter have time for Greek Life?

Yes! The College of New Jersey strongly enforces that new members of Greek Life cannot be mandated to attend more than 15 hours of activities including, but not limited to, meetings and events. Within the first days of receiving bids, Sigma Kappa's new members are given a calendar of activities that occur during their new member process so they are fully aware. 


Will my daughter be able to get involved in other campus organizations and activities?

Of course! Every Sigma Kappa is involved in more than just the sorority. In fact, 38% of our current sisters hold leadership positions in other campus organizations! Our sisters are active members of the TCNJ community, and we encourage them to build relationships outside of the sorority as well.



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